What Your MP Should be Doing

Elections are always such a mental exercise. With a plethora of candidates, all promising grand things and I such different ways a good way to inject some clarity back into your life would be by clarifying the role of an MP in the first place.

Here’s our list of three key things your ideal MP (the one you should vote for) should be doing for their constituency.

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Hearing Your Concerns
As your representative, your MP must be able to be in touch with the community. They should be aware of the community and the people’s needs and concerns so that they may be heard by those in power so that actionable change can take place.

Forwarding Said Urgent Concerns
What good is hearing peoples concerns if they won’t lead to any positive mobility? Once a concern that has been brought up has been heard by your MP and deemed actionable and urgent it should be their responsibility to raise it up to the rest of the parliament.

Review Legislation
An MP should be reviewing existing legislation in status quo and see if said laws are to the benefit of their constituents. An MP attends debates and committees in parliament to further in benefiting their constituents.

And there’s our list of the key functions of an MP. We hope that it gave you the clarity of mind to decide who is best to represent you and your community in the abovementioned roles. We hope your MP f choice hears your concerns, raises them up, and guarantees that legislation supports said concerns.

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