How I Added Wicker to My Indoor Spaces

In the 1800′s, people of means had wicker furniture in their living areas and parlors. Sometime during the 1980′s, wicker was banished to outdoor spaces and you rarely saw it indoors. Now people are bringing wicker back into their homes. It seems to be since the advent of the shabby chic look a few years ago, which happens to be affordable and looks great. Recently I managed to add a few good-looking wicker pieces to my indoor spaces. Wicker is starting to turn up in the most unexpected rooms throughout my home.

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It started when I found a unique wicker headboard at a second-hand sale. The headboard was in decent condition and just needed a coat of paint. It was a simple project and I decided to take it on. The headboard was a chipped white color that looked faded and tired. I spray painted it in a dark brown color and now it looks perfect in my bedroom. The headboard only cost a few bucks and I am proud of the results. It brings a luxurious touch to the room.

I’ll admit I found a second piece at the same sale. It was one of those old-fashioned wicker king chairs everyone seemed to have about twenty years ago. They make you feel regal when you sit in them because of the rounded arms and huge winged back. The chair was in excellent shape because it probably sat wrapped in storage for the past decade. It is a natural color and I just added a beige and brown cushion. I put it in my bedroom to match the new wicker headboard. I was starting to get hooked on wicker.

My living room sofa was showing serious signs of wear and tear. The idea of spending a lot on another leather sofa really didn’t fit into my current budget. I surfed around online to search for cheap sofas. Some of them were fussy and looked like they belonged in my grandmother’s house. Others were just not my style. I started to think I would have to keep my ugly sofa through the holidays and wondered what visitors would say about it.

Then I discovered a website offering discounted wicker furniture for incredible prices. It seems the cold season is an ideal time to shop for wicker furniture because you can score deep discounts. I found a posh wicker sectional sofa with dark wood trim. I choose cushions in a deep green with a few brown throw pillows. When it arrived at my door, I was surprised at how durable and attractive the sofa is. Now I can’t wait to have people over to check it out. It is a definite improvement over my saggy old sofa.

For someone who never owned wicker before, the stuff is starting to take over my home. I like the fact it is lightweight and sturdy. It also brings a classy touch to the house without breaking my budget. Now I find myself checking out wicker furniture and accents wherever I go shopping. I am considering a wicker accent table for my next purchase.

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