Craziest Things People Have Bet On

Nowadays, betting isn’t just limited to casinos and online slot game. Instead, it seems people across the globe are betting on anything and everything.Click to learn more about this topic and online casinos here. Whether its for the thrill, for the reward or just done out of sheer curiosity, here are some of the wackiest things people have bet on.

  1. Ferret Bingo –when you bet on animals, you would think its predominately horses or dogs. But no, this bizarre gamble is based on some slightly smaller creatures. The idea was cooked up by a school teacher and is ridiculously simple (and humane). He simply placed a ferret in a box with 8 tubes coming out of it, and people had to guess which number tube the ferret would come out of. Voila. The ferret has a blast and you can capture the same tense expectations you would expect at a day at the races. Find more here about this topic and other online games.


  1. Brian Zembic–known for his career as a magician and gambler, Zembic’s most famous moment was in 1961 where he accepted a bet of a different kind. The most interesting thing? He went through with it and scooped up the equivalent of a $160,000 reward. The bet itself was for him to get breast implants and keep them for a whole year. Turns out, he rather liked them and still has them to this day.

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  1. Dr Seuss – if you haven’t read or have never heard any of Dr Seuss’ children’s books, then you’re missing out on a real treat. Although Cat in the Hat is most well-known, it turns out that Green Eggs and Ham has a fascinating backstory. In 1960, the co-founder of Penguin Random House bet the author he couldn’t write a book using just 50 single words. Turns out, Seuss was something of a wordsmith and thus Green Eggs and Ham was born. He delivered and won the bet of $382 (although this was sadly never paid to him).


  1. Luis Suarez – the Biter. This famous footballer has a bit of a reputation for chomping down on unlucky people during his games. Turns out, in 2014, over 150 people won a little bit of cash for placing a bet that he would bite someone during the World Cup. One of these lucky winners was a Swedish teacher who won £1,200.


  1. Ashley Revell – the phrase all or nothing springs to mind with this lucky chap. He sold absolutely everything he owned, including his clothes and took a jaunt over to Las Vegas. In a bold (or incredibly stupid move), he placed all ofhis $135,300 on the red of a roulette wheel. Luckily for him, it paid off and he walked away with $270,600. Revell hasn’t done anything quite like it since (which we are glad about). Instead, he has spent time and energy in his website iGaming recruitment, a job site which matches applicants to jobs within online gaming companies. Definitely a more sensible move.

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