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What should you consider when looking for the best running headphones to purchase? I know you might want to go for headphones which don’t fall out while you are running. This is a good idea but the best running headphones should do more than this.

Thanks to innovations and technology you no longer have to worry about tripping on your headphones wire while running. We now have wireless headphones. Choose a running headphone which embraces the latest technology and innovation. The headphones should have a long battery life so that you don’t have to worry about your headphones going off before you are through with your run.

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Below are some of the best running headphones you should consider when purchasing your running headphones:

1.Monster In-ear Bluetooth headphones

This is a light headphone which weighs only 15g. It has on-ear controls on the neckband.

– Has a secure fit.
– Comfortable.
– Durable.
– Sweat resistant.
– A long battery life (10hours of Bluetooth life)

2. BTS Pro-Wireless Headphones

It’s a sports headphone with an amazing wireless range and a long-lasting battery life. It has an on-ear control and 40 hours battery life.

-Long wireless range.
– Long battery life (40 hours battery life)

3. Jailbird X3 wireless Headphones

This is a high-quality wireless headphone which is comfortable and affordable. Its sweat resistant and has a great sound. It has a number of fitting options which make it securely fit in your lugholes.

– Durable
– Compact design
– Adaptable sound
– Great audio control

4.Kuaifit sports Headphones

This is a headphone with a heart monitor and on-ear controls. Its a jack of all trade with 8GB storage, its a music player, heart-rate monitor, fitness tracker and a pair of headphones all wrapped up in one.

– Heart rate monitor
– A fitness tracker
– 8GB storage

5.Bose Wireless Headphones

This is a headphone with a simple setup and a big sound. It has on-ear controls on the neckband.

– optional heart-rate monitor
– Secure fit
– comfortable


The best running headphones should be able to fit securely in your ears without falling off.
Opt for wireless headphones which won’t trip you over while running.
The battery life of the running headphone should be long enough to enable finish your race. Load more..

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